Founded in 2012

Wisconsin is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, with small businesses serving at the heart of the business community. Wisconsin’s economy is driven by small businesses, as they make up nearly 98% of all employers in the state. Every day, nearly 450,000 small business owners and operators strive to maintain and improve the goods and services they provide while meeting the needs of over 1.2 million employees. Most importantly, small businesses strive to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations and in doing so, strengthen their business and Wisconsin’s economic climate.

Wisconsin Small Businesses United (WSBU) is a unique, strategic organization formed to advocate on behalf of Wisconsin’s small businesses and their individual owners and employees by working closely with business owners and policymakers.

The Wisconsin State Legislature has made strides in recent years to improve the small business climate through pro-business legislation and job creation proposals. WSBU believes these improvements are a starting point for enhancing Wisconsin’s economy and creating a competitive landscape where small business can flourish.

WSBU encourages the creation of business-friendly opportunities by supporting leaders and initiatives that will continue moving Wisconsin in a positive direction.

When small businesses succeed, Wisconsin’s economy grows.