At a time when we needed it most, Governor Walker and the State Legislature came to our rescue.

During the 2011–2012 Legislature, more than 100 bills were signed into law that directly benefit small businesses and their individual owners and employees. Both by reducing tax liabilities and other fees and by eliminating and limiting unnecessary regulations including: 

• 2011 Wisconsin Act 1 Creating a nonrefundable individual income tax credit for health savings accounts that may be deducted from, or are exempt from, federal income taxes.
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 2 Limiting noneconomic damages awarded in actions against long-term care providers; actions against manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and promoters of certain products; damages for frivolous claims; and punitive damage awards. 
 2011 Wisconsin Act 3 Tax credits for businesses that relocate to this state. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 4 Increasing tax credits under the economic development tax credit program. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 5 An income and franchise tax credit for small businesses.
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 9 Requiring a supermajority for passage of tax increase legislation. 
 2011 Wisconsin Act 14 Reduces mandatory limits on automobile insurance coverage. 
 2011 Wisconsin Act 16 Prohibiting a city, village, town, or county ordinance from requiring employers to provide employees with sick leave. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 18 Allowing retailers to offer discounts equal to state and local sales taxes. • 2011 Wisconsin Act 35 Allows Wisconsin residents to obtain concealed carry licenses. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 42 Payment of extended unemployment insurance benefits during certain periods in this state. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 46 Changes to the membership of the Small Business Regulatory Review Board, notification to the Board of bills with an economic impact on small businesses, and the role of the Office of Regulatory Assistance in the Department of Commerce. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 49 Adopting federal law as it relates to excluding from an employee’s income certain payments from an employer related to medical care. 
 2011 Wisconsin Act 79 Small business loan guarantees by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 92 Limits attorney fees. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 97 Expanding hours of sale for certain alcohol beverage retailers. 
 2011 Wisconsin Act 110 Theft of certain services and providing a penalty. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 144 Limits the authority of a city, village, or town to enact a development moratorium ordinance. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 174 Increased penalties for retail theft. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 183 Various changes to the worker’s compensation law. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 194 Regulating sales of plastic bulk merchandise containers to scrap plastic dealers. 
 2011 Wisconsin Act 212 A tax credit for hiring unemployed disabled veterans. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 213 Angel investment and early stage seed investment tax credit programs. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 214 Economic development activities of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority. 
• 2011 Wisconsin Act 219 Elimination of compensatory and punitive damages for acts of employment discrimination or unfair honesty or genetic testing.